Managed Care

The Managed Care Concept
Productive Connection is built on the premise that computer systems in the business setting have been necessary components to stay competitive for decades. The small business environment has embraced this technology and in only rare cases can survive without effective use of computer resources. In the home environment many facets of our lives revolve around computer applications and Internet access.

Computer hardware today is dependable and affordable. Software applications are readily available to do a variety of tasks, that can save hours of labor when properly applied to the task at hand. Both components can be purchased nearly anywhere and can be installed, and used, without assistance from a system specialist.

Computer and software vendors have told us for years that we will never have to type the same information twice, that user interfaces are friendly, and that the paperless office is an achievable reality. These computer technologies are alive and growing in corporate environments where millions of dollars are committed to the development of such systems.

Smaller businesses are sometimes lucky to be utilizing computers for much more than a variety of separate tasks that don’t work all that well together, requiring entering the same data multiple times. The home user faces these same problems with utilizing convergence techniques to minimize time spent doing repetitive tasks. The jump from having a few personal computers in the office doing a variety of independent tasks, and a cohesive business system is too often a leap that the small business owner is unable financially to realize or does not know exactly
where to start.

The concept of Managed Computer Care is simple. It is based on the same concepts used large corporations. The computer equipment, and information contained within, requires ongoing management to remain effective and provide a return on investment. This does not mean you need to commit to ongoing contracts or hire full time employees.

How we can help
Productive Connection can fill the gap between no support, and on payroll or contract support for the small to mid-sized business. We apply computer resource management, at a scale to fit the needs and resources of your business.

This is done by looking at what you are doing today, and finding more effective ways to accomplish the same tasks. Productive Connection can provide for basic computer repairs and software compatibility issues while establishing procedures and systems that work for you. Along with that, we will do our best to look toward the future and assure that what we are doing today will have positive impact tomorrow.

We look at preventative maintenance on the equipment and data, upgrade paths that will increase productivity while maintaining compatibility, and combining like functions to take advantage of what computers do very well, repetitive tasks.

While at times computers appear to be “intelligent,” they do not think. They are complex tools, capable of multiple tasks, that require management to maintain effectiveness.

In addition to protecting your investment in equipment and data, it is equally important to keep the users of that equipment and data in the loop. A computerized
function will only work as well as the person that is at the keyboard. That person must understand the system operation to be effective.

In the overall picture, you can depend on us to provide cost effective consultation and assessment of your current status; installation, repair, and preventative care for hardware components; installation and configuration of new and upgraded software; review and optimization of data entry and backup procedures; user training; and
installation, configuration and supervision of networked environments.

Let us earn your trust by contacting us today, so we may become a valued support member of your team, providing the answers you need to move your business forward.