Computer Services

Computer Care
  • Complete installation, repair, and preventative care for computer hardware, software, and components.
  • Upgrade computer hardware, software, and operating systems maintaining functional integrity from legacy systems.
  • Research and advice for new or replacement equipment.
  • User Training for popular office related windows based software.
Networking Systems
  • Install, configure, new or existing wired and wireless home and business network systems.
  • Provide security checks and configuration for home wireless broadband Internet connections.
  • Configuration of network file sharing and Internet sharing to assure appropriate content based on age.
Web and System
  • Remote monitoring, development, and enhancement of web sites, store fronts, and e-commerce systems following proven techniques for form, function, and usability.
  • Integration of web services with office systems.
  • Assistance with web presentation of genealogical data and research.
Analog and Electronic Media
  • Transfer analog media (albums, audio tapes, video tapes) to CD and DVD digital formats.
  • Scanning services for documents, photos, and slides for electronic use and archive.
  • Movie production from video clips, digital photos, and photo albums.